Inside Track predicts that these slots are likely to pay out. Due to random probability, this forecast is merely a guide and cannot guarantee a Jackpot payout. The machines listed appear in no particular rank.

21 June 2024

Area Machine No Demonination Game Name
Non-Smoking 10103 Multi-Denom Link Zone
Non-Smoking 10705 10 cent China Mystery
Non-Smoking 10706 10 cent Dragons Glory
Non-Smoking 10905 5 cent Wheels Go Round Tiger
Smoking 20905 10 cent Wonder 4
Smoking 21003 Multi-Denom WILD TALES JACK'S BEANS
Smoking 21204 Multi-Denom Super V+ Gaminator 74
Prive-Smoking 30203 25 cent Queen of the Nile Legends
Prive-Smoking 30503 10 Rand Double Jackpot
Prive-Smoking 30602 50 Rand Double Nutty Jackpot