Inside Track predicts that these slots are likely to pay out. Due to random probability, this forecast is merely a guide and cannot guarantee a Jackpot payout. The machines listed appear in no particular rank.

8 July 2024

Area Machine No Demonination Game Name
Non Smoking 15205 Multi-Denom INTL_DSU_073
Non Smoking 15706 50 cent Break The Bank
Non Smoking 16105 2 cent Gamestar Multi Game
Non Smoking 17102 Multi-Denom Powerhouse
Smoking 25107 Multi-Denom Cash Locomotive Happy Dragon
Smoking 26103 Multi-Denom Bao Zhu Zhao Fu - Purple Celeb
Smoking 26201 5 cent Wheel of Prosperity Phoenix
Smoking 26903 5 cent Lotus Land
Prive Smoking 35103 25 Rand Roosters Riches
Prive Smoking 36806 Multi-Denom INTL_DSU_073